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Garden Arbor-KellyC Question

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  • Garden Arbor-KellyC Question

    Kelly, or anyone that has an opinion. I'm wanting to build an arbor, but debating whether I could use Douglas Fir or does it have to be Redwood? It will be acrylic stained or painted as the pic, and here in No Cal the climate is sunny with low, low humidity.

    What's your take on it? Can DF be utilised or will it rot away in a short while? Plan to set posts into metal holders so that they do not contact the ground/earth.

    Thanks for your help.

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    I would think as long as you are going to put a good coat of paint on it and keep the wood from contacting the ground, you could use almost anything. Kinda like a house I guess.


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      DF is used quite often as outdoor deck and arbor material. I would definitely make sure it doesn't have direct ground contact as you said. Shame to cover it all up with paint though...DF has such a nice grain pettern....I'd stain it.
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        David----one issue I can see---Doug Fir would be more critical as to keeping paint/finish on it than redwood---painting that latice work, around the roses would be a bear!


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          Stain it shall be! I see that most of the stock on your site is redwood, but unstained or painted. That's what got me concerned about using DF. However, I'll go ahead and use DF since it runs at 30% of the cost of redwood.

          DaveF, the wife does painting/staining, I construct!! However, she's damn good at running rings around Rose's, especially me....It's an old primeval thing.

          In your opinion, without consulting fees, does it meet the tip test? 10 degrees at X height?? Lend your skill level to the Ridgid Jointer issue!


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            I'm building a similar project using Cedar.
            It's the "natural" form of treated lumber.


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              Love the "tip test"!!! Bulk of mass is in legs----secured to base cleats or some such---heck, you could hang your jointer over the side of it!