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My TP 1300 making noise

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  • My TP 1300 making noise

    I was just finishing up planning some walnut and some birdseye maple when my planner started to make a nasty sound that seemed to be coming from the upper part of the unit. Sort of sounded like gravel thrown into a blender. It only makes the sound when the unit is running without any wood being cut. As soon as you feed wood into it and it starts cutting the sound stops. I have not had time to check it out any further but I would like to know if you guys had any idea what might be wrong before I dive in. Or should I just say "uncle" first. I'm not afraid to do repairs myself I just don't want to waste my time if you have seen this problem before and know it should be taken in for repairs. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    What you are hearing is a bit of gear noise. Some of the earlier units had a tendency to make noise from time to time under no-load situtations. This can be easily fixed by relubing the gearbox.

    Under the left side of the cutterhead there is a plastic try. Squeeze both ends to remove this tray, then reach up in that area, you should be able to feel a set of gears. Apply liberal amounts of green or brown bearing grease to the gears and replace the tray. Your planner should be much quiter now.



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      Thanks for the help. I'll go out right now and give it a shot. Having this forum available for this type of thing is so


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        I have a TP1300 with a stripped small gear in the gearbox assembly. Unfortunately I had a difficult time finding a replacement gear as well as a replacement gearbox assembly, so I purchased a replacement gearbox assembly for a 4330 in hopes it would fit. The outer shell won’t but the gears would. I can’t seem to remove the large gear. Does it need a special tool?