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  • Rigid Bandsaw or used Jet

    I was just at Home Depot and noticed that their 14" bandsaw is only $350; last time I had looked it was around $500. Does anyone know if they cheapened something up on it to lower the cost that much? I have a buddy selling a 14" open stand Jet for $350 along w/ a mobile base and a few blades. I know the Jet retails for over $500; I'm wondering if I'd be getting a better deal w/ the used Jet or the new Rigid.
    Thanks for any feedback you can provide!

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    The Ridgid, as far as I know, has never sold for over $500. As far as the 14" Jet is concerned, Menards has been and still is selling the Jet 14" open stand BS for under $500.

    Given the choice of a used open stand Jet 14" and a new Ridgid, I'd pick the Ridgid. Now, if the Jet were priced around say $250-$275 and depending on its condition, that might be a diffiernt story.
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      Just my two cents, but I'd check some to the many posts on this forum regarding the Ridgid bandsaw. Seems that vibration is only one of a few concerns.

      I don't own a 14-inch bandsaw, but have sort of been eyeing them for a future upgrade. I'm not sure at this point if the Ridgid is a choice I'd make. The Jet's reputation seems to be pretty good and for $425 (plus shipping) the Grizzly model seems quite popular and very well equipped. But, they all need further review.



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        Thanks for the replies.

        Is vibration a common problem with bandsaws or is this a Rigid issue? Looking at pictures of the Jet and Rigid I've noticed that other than the stands they appear to be nearly identical so I'm wondering if Jet has the same vibration problems?


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          Being a Ridgid Bandsaw owner, and knowing what it will and will not do, and paying top price of $429.00...And not knowing or using a Jet, but have read many praises and complaints on the Jet...And not knowing of what use you intend on using the bandsaw for...I would highly recommend looking at the Grizzly G0555 with a riser block.

          Any of these small 14" saws are only good enough for curves, circles and light resawing, nothing of real potential. If you are looking for a resaw machine, then keep saving. If it's formentioned light work, the grizzly wins hands down. That is my personal opinion. You can take it for what it's worth. If I had it all to do over again, that would be my choice for a light duty bandsaw. For a resawing machine, well, the research the savings keeps building.


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            I'm by no means an expert and like I said earlier, I'm "shopping". I have the Ryobi BS902 9" bandsaw which is a good light-use machine and, for me anyway, a good place to learn a few things about bandsaws.

            As far as vibration is concerned, I don't see it as "inherit to the design." A bandsaw is a rather straightforward device with the only moving parts being a drive motor and two wheels around which the blade is looped. The two wheels act as sort of a pulley for the single piece blade loop. One wheel is driven by the motor (usually through a drive belt) and the other wheel is just free to spin. That's the only moving parts. So if the wheels are balanced, properly round and aligned, and the motor and belt are properly set up, there shouldn't be any adverse vibration; theoretically anyway! Other components like the blade guides, table, fence, stand, and covers are all inanimate. While the overall design and quality of components make the difference from model to model, I don't see that vibration should ever be a issue unless something in the design produces it.

            My little Ryobi has no noticeable vibration and with the saw running, and any sawdust or wood on the table just sits there. I think with the Ridgid, some of the problems have been with the drive belt and recommendations that I've seen are for "link-type" belts, which seem to alleviate the problem. The challenge for many of us is that it is often difficult or impossible to see a particular saw in use, prior to purchase.


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              You might want to check these recent reviews (PDF files) of band saws, for saws from under $1000 on up to the big boys that run over $1K to $1500.

     [25 page PDF file]

              This second link is about resawing;
     [14 page PDF file]


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                The BS seems to get more complaints than the jointer and planer. Most of those who are really happy with the BS picked them up heavily discounted ($200-$250).

                The Jet's pretty well proven, that'd be my pick at $350. You might consider going with the Griz 0555 too. It's getting lots of positive feedback as a great value.


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                  I paid $349. for my BS1400 about 3 years ago. I got a fence and riser for it at the same time. It has a little bit of vibration but not enough for me to think about. It does a fine job for all of my uses. I have resawn hardwoods up to 8" without a problem. The harder and wider the board the slower you have to go and that is true with any band saw. The price of the Ridgid riser has skyrocketed since I got mine, but I know for a fact that the Grizzly riser is exactly the same and a lot cheaper. The biggest thing about any bandsaw is the Blade, GET A GOOD ONE, and it will do the job. MHO
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                    Often the acquisition price of a tool is not the only consideration. Especially with the Ridgid BS1400. I don't have any experience with the Jet line of tools, but as many people have commented already, the Jet 14' band saw is extremely similar to +/- 90% of the mainstream 14" bandsaws currently on the market.

                    I own/use the Ridgid BS1400 and can comment 1st hand on this tool. I like this tool. Like - Not Love. The tool will work fine for an entry level band saw, but only with a day or two of set up. Given the choice to do it all over agian, I would gladly spend more money and get a "known" better tool.

                    Unless you experience the horror story that a very high profile member of this board did, none of the set up should be insurmountable. (Say a prayer here!) Basically, plan on ordering lunch from your favorite place (that has delivery service) and spend an entire Saturday and Sunday on set up. Once you have the tool dialed in, it will perform well for a long time to come.

                    From the bottom up, Expect to:

                    Supplement the stand with stronger metal bracing and stiffen the base (under side) with plywood or a second sheet of steel.

                    Balance the wheels, period. I have no idea why they are not balanced, but bottom line, they aren’t!

                    And finally (as stated by others), replace the blade before making your first cut.

                    This is not to say that it is the only work needed, just that I have found these items are absolutely necessary.

                    You will have to weigh the implied cost of these required enhancements with the overall cost of the Jet and any required enhancements it may have.

                    Good luck and keep us informed with your purchase!


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                      The assembly is pretty easy and straight forward. Fine tuning the saw can take a while. I got lucky, my wheels were balanced. It's not hard to balance BS wheels, just takes a little time.
                      The base is not substantial and needs bracing if you are sawing anything much larger than the table. The base can be strengthened with plywood scraps. But you get what you pay for. I got mine on closeout for about $150. Can't beat it at that price. Even at $350 it is decent.


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                        Have any of you considered the Laguna? For a machine under $1000 it cannot be beat.


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                          Show your buddy $300 in cash & see what he says, if it's no then consider walking away. If he stays firm, then pay the asking price. Mobile stands run $50 to $60 so the whole package tried & true would be a good deal!

                          I do have a BS1400 & it's a good deal but I've put at least another $100 into it to improve the out of the box product! (Paid $225)