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Finishing plywood kitchen cabinets

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  • Finishing plywood kitchen cabinets

    Thank you to everyone who replied to
    my previous inquiry - very helpful!!!

    I'm now ready to finish my 3/4 birch/maple
    faced cabinets - maple is on the visible/good
    side and I want to keep it natural looking
    - no stain or anything like that.

    Could you please recommend the best way to
    finish the cabinets - what product/brand is the
    best to use and whether it makes any sense to finish the inside of the boxes. Any help would be
    greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    When finishing cabinets, I utilize either the DEFT gloss finish or the MinWax finish. Both (in my mind are easy to apply. I have found that neither need thinned when spraying (at aprox. 40 lbs/PSI--you'll have to adjust accordingly). One way to finish the interior is to leave the back of while finishing the interior of the cabinet (finish the back seperate), then attach when dry. This will allow complete access to the interior of the cabinet and should help minimize overspray. I have found that three coats (lightly sanded with a fine sandpaper between coats to remove any overspray) will improve the quality of the finish.

    As far as the finish on the interior of the cabinets. I always finish the inside of the cabinets. Finishing the inside of the cabinets (other than laminate) is just as important as finishing the exterior (IMHO). The finish will provide a protective coat that will help prevent wear on the shelves.

    Just remember, there are many different ways to achieve the look you are looking for. Hope this helps.