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  • Bandsaws

    I'm looking for a good bandsaw for my shop.I just do general woodworking such as crafts,toys,hopechests. I have an old bandsaw now but most of the other things are Ridgid products.I don't know much about hunting for a good bandsaw.I've heard good and bad things about Ridgid bandsaws. I've also looked at other brands. Can anyone give me some advise on what to look for? I've heard some good things about Grizzly products.Any ideas or comments welcome. I would like to stay around 500.00 in price.

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    I'm still looking for a bandsaw if anyone has any advise..Thanks, Donny


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      Donny, I would suggest you download the instruction manual for the Ridgid bandsaw. You can find out a lot about the product by doing this. One thing you will find out is that the Ridgid saw is almost a dead ringer for the Jet open stand saw. (probably others, too) You can assemble and setup the Jet with the Ridgid manual (I did). I opted for the closed stand Jet because the Jet dealer made me an offer I couldn't refuse because of some cosmetic damage. Can't comment on the Grizzly. People either seem to love them or hate them.

      After you have digested the manual, go check out a Jet and you will see the similarity.


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        OK, What is the most important part of a bandsaw? If you were buying one today what would you look for in one? I know price plays a part of it but I'm looking at the bandsaw itself............Donny


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          Having taken most of my father's power tools. I can't really complain that he has not let go of his bandsaw yet.

          My questions is can I still get blades for a Craftsman bandsaw that must be at least 45 years old. It still works great.

          If not, I guess I should go ahead and purchase a new one. Will my pleasure with my Ridgid TS2424 transfer to the Ridgid BS?


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            You just need to know what length the blades are, and you should have no problem getting blades. If you can't find blades in the particular length that your bandsaw takes, you can have them custom cut. Most cities have a place that will do this. It is not really anymore expensive than precut blades.



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              Does anybody own a Grizzly Bandsaw? If so would you recommend it to anyone else? I'm looking at the 14" with a 1hp motor.Help me decide........Donny


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                OK, Let's try another one. What do you know about "Wilke Machinery" Home of Bridgewood????..........Donny


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                  Try this link, It is a google search of the rec.woodworking newsgroup. You should find enough information on bandsaws to make you eyes bleed. there is discussions on the pro's anc cons of just about any brand of bandsaw out there. Hope this helps, I wish I could give personal input, but mine is an older 12" craftsman that was given to me

                  -Rob<br /> <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a> <br />Damn, I hit the wrong nail again. Ouch that hurts


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                    That is a great place to look for buying a saw..Thanks. I could look in there all day. Maybe I won't bug the message board so much now. I will let you know what I wind up with. ....................Thanks again,