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    Has anyone else had problems when using the dust chute on their TP1300 planer. It seems to clog up with sawdust very quickly. I seem to be spending more time cleaning than planing. Also, is there carbide blades avaiable for this planer. Thanks Duker

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    If your having trouble getting the chips to clear out of the chute try this. Remove the metal cover over the blades. Clean and wax the area behind the cutterhead, also clean and wax the undeside of the metal chute. You can also use silicon spray, spray it on then wipe it off. If you are using the machine with a dust collector system, make sure you have the cap in that came with the plastic collector installed in the side opposite to which you are collecting.



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      I just got my dust chute recently and it works pretty good. Was worried about the seal around it due to some other posts here, but it works fine. Before I had it I was creating great big piles of shavings on the floor and figured I'd plug the thing no problem, but haven't so far.

      One thing I do, is make sure I'm getting full effect of the vacuum. I stop up all my other hoses to put maximum vacuum to the planer. I have one of the big upright jobs and it moves some air through one hose.

      Jake's idea sounds good to. I noticed the inside of that part is starting to build up with dust. I'm going to clean that up too.
      Own the TP13000 and making a bunch of furniture with it