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  • Need Help on Chip-Out


    I’ve been working with quarter-sawn Mahogany today and have experienced difficulty in planning the piece with the most dramatic ray effect. I am unable to pass this particular piece through the planer without excessive chip out, regardless of feed direction and set to minimal thickness reduction. The plans are flexible for this piece, I still have approximately a quarter inch of stock reduction if needed to achieve the desired results, any suggestions would be appreciated.



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    My experience with the TP1300 is limited to just 6-8 weeks, but has involved planing a reasonable quantity of rock hard maple. Assuming that all the chips are being adequately sucked clear by your DC, and you're feeding in the right direction, then dull blades is the only area of further investigation that comes to mind.



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      Try this.

      Lightly spray or wipe the surface with water. Not alot. Just enough to get the surface damp.
      Run the stock through the planer. I've been doing this with walnut and it has stopped the chip outs.
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        I use very dilute fabric softener (90% water) in my spray/mist. I haven't tried it on mahogany, but it is great with maple, occasionally needed with walnut, or whenever I see static cling in the sawdust.

        I actually use a competing thickness planer , but wish I had the Ridgid. But I know someone who removes the dust collector on his Ridgid planer when he gets chip-out. Clearing the cutter area faster (despite the mess) apparently reduces the chip-out problem with some woods.