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    I'm thinking of starting a crown molding project and have been thrown off by several people saying its a bear of a project. Is this just hype? I have a 10" Ridgid CM Saw. I also have a newer house (about a year old) Is it too new to put molding up since the house is still settling? Probably not but I thought I'd ask.

    Is coping a better way to join inside corners? I cant visualise how this works though. Are there any online instructions with illustrations?

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    Crown molding can be a bit of trouble to someone who is not fimiliar, but once you learn to install CM than it shouldn't be too hard.

    There are two ways to cut crown. Laying flat against the miter saw table and angled against the fence. Since you have a MS1050 refer to page 24 in your manual. It should have the basic directions for cutting crown laying flat. My suggestion would be to purchase some pieces of crown and just start cutting on it. If you have any further questions feel free to e-mail me directly at


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      Thanks Jake I emailed you some additional questions.


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        Hey Larliz, If you haven't done so already, Coping your inside corners is the best way. I have tried so many times to use the typical 45 to 45, but houses new or old are not finished perfectly. You will have to practice on a few scrap pieces first but once you follow the top cut line and cope an inside 45 your molding will fall right on top of the piece you cut flush with the wall.Always turn your molding upside down and cut towards the middle for inside cuts,and remember try a few scrap pieces first on the wall instead of wasting long pieces and then you will see how its done.And also measure and mark several light pencil marks on the wall so your molding stays at the same plane all through out the house.If you don't, you will wind up with your molding on the wall on one side and on the cieling the other.
        Good luck
        P.S. Don't get frustrated with it if it still has little spaces.just remember the old saying. A little caulk...a little paint...make a carpenter...what he aint!

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