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TS3612 Fence or TS2424?

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  • TS3612 Fence or TS2424?

    This is a question for Jake or anyone else qualified to answer.
    I just finished assembling my new 3612 and I noticed on the Box 2 0f 2, it said TS2424. Someone from HD had scriblled on the box that it was a fence for the 3612 only, not the 2424.
    It certainly looks like the fence for the 3612 and its fits perfectly and it also has the micro adjust. Having never seen the 2424, I want to be sure.
    Can I assume it is the correct fence?
    After what I went through at HD to get the saw, I would hate to go back there and deal with those people again.
    By the way, the saw was fun to build and the only thing that took much time was the fence rails and the spreader/guard adjustment.
    I converted the motor to 220V and it runs very smooth and quiet. I haven't cut any wood yet, but I will tomorrow when I mount the new Frued blade.
    JB Marker
    JB in Soldotna

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    The 3612 front rail has a yellow tape with 1/32" readings. Looks like a tape measure, not like the 2424 which is white. Good luck. Mine is great!


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      There was a misprint on the early TS3612 rail box that still had the number TS2424 on it, but if you look elsewhere on the same box it should say TS3612. The 3612 has 36" of rip to the right and 12" to the left, while the 2424 had 24" of rip on both sides.



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        Thanks Fred and Jake
        JB in Soldotna