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Need Assistance on Specialty Band Saw Blade

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  • Need Assistance on Specialty Band Saw Blade

    I have a need to be able to cut brick with my bandsaw..... Wondering if ANYONE has knowledge of a source for abrasive blade necessary to accomplish..... I need to make a cut of 90 degrees in brick, and the bandsaw is about the ONLY tool that I know that would make the cut I need!

    I have heard that such blades exist, so I hope that I'm not completely crazy.

    ================ UPDATE ===================


    Based on Dave's response, I contacted Suffolk Mfg.... spoke to a very knowlegable gentleman by the name of Tom.... he gave me the name Do-All industrial supply. Gave them a call, and YES.... they DO stock bandsaw blades that will cut brick/granite/ceramic tile, etc. I've ordered the blade and should be able to complete my project!!!

    ================== END OF UPDATE ===========

    Rick D. Norris

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    Rick, I have a strong feeling that the cost to you to cut your brick is going to be the cost of a bandsaw. If the cut is only going to be made on a few bricks, I would use a hacksaw with a masonry cutting blade.

    You might try giving the folks at Suffolk Manufacturing a call. If such an animal exists, perhaps they would know about it. Their web site is available at



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      Rick..Have you tried a wet stone tile saw? You can rent on at any local rental center for about $50 per day and they work great on tile and other masonary products.