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14" Ridgid Bandsaw

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  • 14" Ridgid Bandsaw

    Can anyone tell me the best rip fence to get for the Ridgid 14" band saw. I am purchasing one this week and need to know where to get a fence that is affordable and reliable. I noticed that Ridgid no longer offers theirs.

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    I was in your same position a few weeks ago. After reading many bandsaw books and articles and getting advice from other woodworkers, I decided to make my own...haven't done so yet though.

    However, I don't think the Ridgid one would work because of blade lead -- the tendency for the blade to twist/angle slightly while cutting. Unlike a tablesaw where you want a fence square/parallel to the table edges, for a bandsaw the fence will need to be adjusted off-square according to the degree of blade lead. Hence, the tendency for the Ridgid fence to square will probably be very irritating. Sears supposedly has a universal fence if you really want one. Theirs has a convex surface that allows for adjustments to account for blade lead.

    In any case, the way I look at it is that if I make my own and it works great I'll be happy of my accomplishment and that I saved a few bucks...buying just won't provide that. I can always buy later if my jig doesn't work out.


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      tablesaw where you want a fence square/parallel to the table edges

      Strike "table edges", substitute "blade plane". The rest of the commentary is right on, in my opinion.



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        Thanks Dave!...somehow what I mean and what I type aren't in synch in the wee hours of the morning.

        Part of my assumptions I didn't state were that for the tablesaw, the desired situation would be for the blade plane, table surface, fence, table edges, and any miter slots to be all parallel/square...otherwise a reference plane (to the blade plane) becomes difficult to use. For the bandsaw, the same is desired of the reference planes, but because of blade lead the most of those reference planes need to adjust out of the natural (manufactured) square...otherwise it is hard to keep the blade from drifting off-center when cutting.

        [ 12-03-2002, 02:50 PM: Message edited by: RyanT ]


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          Thanks Ryan,
          I thought about making a fence and decided instead to sit on it for a while. One of my shopnotes books has a quick makeable resaw fence that I may decide to do in the future. At this point I don't think I'll be doing anything requiring the use of a fence, but I'll think about it in the future. Maybe between now and then I'll find an idea for a fence that I'll use.



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            The RIDGID bandsaw fence locks independently at the front and rear of the fence, allowing you to lock the fence in positions that are "out of square" with the blade. This will allow you to mount the fence in such a way that accounts for blade drift.



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              My question to you is this. Where can you get a ridgid bandsaw fence? This website shows that it is no longer available. I can't find one in any HD in the St. Louis Area.


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                Unfortunately it is temporarily unavailable. I believe they should become available again is 30 to 60 days.