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  • TS2424 Arbor

    I have had my TS2424 for 4 years and just now have discovered a possible problem with the arbor. I tried using my new Freud SD508 dado set at 1/4" setting which uses the two main blades and found the arbor has a recessed area between the flat surface and the threads. This is causing the right side dado blade to wobble (up and down). What I am trying to discribe is the arbor shaft goes from the a smooth surface to the threaded portion between the two areas there is a dip which allows the blade to sit slightly lower. Has anyone else experienced this?

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    no I have not I have a ts2424-1. Is your saw A ts2424, Ts2424-1, or ts 2424 Ls? It would't surprize me on the ts2424.
    Andy B.


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      Andy, I have a TS24240, one of the first saws Rigid made.