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    I got the Ridgid 3650 finished now, and after I ran some test cross cuts, the back of the blade is shaving the wood. I followed the instructions and loosened the front and rear trunions and I noticed the blade sort of jumped left about 1/16 of an inch. Now the blade prior to this was exactly 1/8 away from the edge of the throat plate. Now it sit less than 1/16 of an inch and I cannot move it back.

    Also, I cannot make a square mitre cut at all. The mitre gauge is set exactly parallel to the slot, but still the back of the blade shaves the wood as it passes.

    Help! I just spent 4 hours trying to square the blade to the mitre slot and I haven't even come close. At times, the blade was cutting a nearly oval cut. I have read the manual on how to set it up, but I can't even come close to getting this saw to cross cut a piece of wood without any shaving after I pass the middle of the blade.

    Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

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    Loosen the belt, take the tension off of the trunion and you should be able to set it up straight. then retighten the motor and belt.
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      I forgot to mention I did unhook the belt. I struggled with this for a while and here is what solved the problem.

      After I posted, I searched the archives and read several "similiar" problems to mine. One included loosening the bevel and it sounded good. I went in the shop and first thing I did was that and slid back to its spot. Now I have 3/16 clearance. Perfect!

      However, the blade still catches on the back of the blade. I readjusted and luck. I removed the brand new stock blade and put on is now gone. Don't ask me exactly, or whatever. I cut a squared piece of wood tonight. Tears of joy flowed from my eyes.

      This is one happy camper now.



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        Sounds like your stock blade was bent. That's OK 'cause most folks replace it anyway. Too bad you had to go through so much trouble to find the problem. If you call Ridgid CS, I bet they would send you a new blade, then you would have a "beater" when you need one.
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