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    I need to make a rope swing for my sister. She basically wants a high-chair without the legs that will hang from rope for a swing.

    The idea that I have is to make a chair with a back and arms and engineer a front bar that clips to the base of the chair between the legs.

    Anyone ever made something like this? Any suggestions on materials?

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    Well that question brought back some memories! My grandfather had a swing for us kids in his shop and we managed to squeeze into it even as young teens. The shop was a 50 X 100 2 story barn style with a 16' high first floor ceiling that the swing was attached to (fun even for teens). IIRC the swing was painted pine with a single board seat that extended past the sides so the ropes could go through the arm rests and attach to the bottom plank. The safty bar was 1" X 2" true dimention not like todays stuff with holes bored in the ends so the rope could go through it before being attached to the seat. For todays safety standards you would need to add a 5 point harness and padding but none of us managed to fall out. I suppose you could add a nylon belt with quick connects like a bicycle helmet to hold a baby in and another from the cross bar to the seat bottom between the legs to prevent squirming out underneith the bar


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      wbrooks, thanks for the info and I am glad to hear that I cued up some good memories for someone.

      I have been thinking about the nylon with the quick connect clips. I hear what you're saying about 5-point harness and padding, ad nauseum. My son is almost 3 yrs. old and I have been endlessly entertained by all of the safety gear that comes with his toys and things. Seems that common sense is not enough anymore.

      I wish that I could draw my ideas for you, the safety bar that would come down in front of the child I think will be around 1x2. The ends will be a large (1 inch) dovetail that would fit into the front ends of the armrests and in the center going down to the seat there will be a nylon strap that will snap to the seat.

      I also thought that the back to the chair should be angled rearward so that the toddler could fall asleep and have the head reclined so that it would rest on the back.

      I think I will try to find cypress. Pine would be nice but I would hate for moisture to ruin the piece.


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        We bought one many years ago for the kids just as you describe. It was oak, and lasted many years.

        As for swings: Grandpa had a huge old barn with the big hay bale hook hanging from the top beam. He hadn't used the hook in decades, and the 1 inch or so rope was used as a swing. We'd swing back and forth from hayloft to hayloft. Or better yet, run a ladder across the back of the barn from loft to loft. Then walk out on the ladder, rope in hand, and jump off. Awayyyyyy we'd go, until the rope hit the top of the barn door, where we'd be whipped even higher in the air! There was a big canvas bag tied up at the contact point so as to not wear through the rope. It was there when my Dad was a kid, and my kids did the same. Safe? Absolutely not, but who cared. No one ever got hurt. Memories? You bet! I got weepy eyed when my brother sold the farm last year...


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          Originally posted by smorris:
          Memories? You bet! I got weepy eyed when my brother sold the farm last year...
          Tell me !!
          My mother and uncle sold the place when my grandfather died, I was only 18 (read no money), when I think of all the tools they auctioned off. I was nearly sick when I heard that the shop and the house he built by hand are likely to be torn down to make a parking lot for condos Only consolation is that the old place is far away from here so I will likely never see it if it is torn down, and best of all memories can't be torn down


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            Originally posted by wbrooks:
            Only consolation is that the old place is far away from here so I will likely never see it if it is torn down, and best of all memories can't be torn down
            Ours ins't. It is right across the field from my parents house (about 3 hours from me.) Dad still owns all the tillable land, pastures, and woods. Brother sold the house and barns. It has already fallen into disrepair, and the side of the barn facing Dad has boards broken off and windows out. Makes him sick. He's 75, and moved there at age 10. The house was once a school house, and moved there before my grandparents bought it. Well over 100 years old. Unfortunately, it will also probably be gone in a few years, as the city limits are right against the edge of the property now.

            Ah, well... Like you said. Can't tear down memories.

            Anyway, back on topic. I got to thinking about the swing we got our midgit. It was something like $20 at an Amish place, and they had them by the dozens. If there is an Amish or crafts area near you, go take a look at how they made them.