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  • Lathe / Duplicatoe !!

    I love the lathe, BUT was NOT a happy camper when I realized that there was NOT a duplicator made to fit..I bought a Delta 46-408 and had a machine shop make two brackets to mount it ..COST $250.00 which was better that buying another lathe.. anyone who is having this problen E-Mail me and I will sent you a "plan" drowing of what I had made. Shame on RIDGID..They need to either make a duplicator OR brackets so that one can be mounted at a MUCH lower price than I paid for mine.. dd

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    I was in the same "boat", Ridgid recommended the Sear duplicator, when I got it, it was designed for a "C" channel and not the "tube" assembly. At this point no one at Ridgid could help me, I was going to do the same as you but decided to purchase from Ridgid an additional tool rest assembly, at a cost of $135.+, this mounts it fine and works well. My problem is that my $300. lathe is now up to $600......If Ridgid is going to recommend the Sears duplicator, they should have a package that can be purchased (additional tool rest), to adapt the duplicator to the lathe.
    I am making 80+ spindles for a 1886 stairway that i am restoring so it was very important that i have a duplicator. I am very happy with all of the Ridgid products I have purchased and will continue to purchased them in the future, but this and been a real hassel. Jay


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      I hope that ridgid takes notes.
      Andy B.


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        On the Sears duplicator...the only Sears unit that will fit is called Copycrafter and has been discontinued, though you can still find them in stores from time to time. I'm not sure who in Customer Service told you that the current Craftsman would fit but I will make sure they know otherwise.