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  • Ridgid TS2424

    Why dosn't Ridgid make outfeed table accessory for my Ridgid TS2424. Is there a aftermarket company that makes outfeed table to fit a Ridgid TS2424

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    As Ridgid no longer makes the 2424 or even it's kissing cousin, the 3612, it's doubtful they will ever make a commercial table.

    You can easily make an outfeed table----just depends on the space you have. There have been some great ideas posted here on this site----do a search and you'll see what I mean. Some are detatchable, some fold down----attachment methods also vary, from bars projected from the sides of the table, to systems that attach to the rear rail.

    Another interesting solution is a roll-around shop cabinet, built to the same height as your table saw, with a high pressure laminent top. This cabinet can serve a duel purpose in being used for outfeed as well as storage of tools or table saw accessories----the design and storage is only limited by your needs and imagination.