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    When I was growing up my grandpa always flattened the point of the nails when building lot fences - said the nail would not split the board as quick. I was reading a mag. last night and the article on nailers said the same basic thing about the brads,nails,etc. I know flattening the points works, but Why?? I told ya I had a crazy question. Rick

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    if I understand the principle right, the point acts as a wood "splitter" whereas the blunt point, tears the fibers on its way through without "splitting" simplified answer, maybe someone else can answer it better....
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      Thanks for the reply. It sounds logical. That darned article got me thinkin' 'bout it all night long. One of those crazy things you can't get out of your head at night. Rick


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        This description of the process was found at
        “The 2x4, being relatively short, may be susceptible to splitting during nailing. This can be avoided by blunting the nails. Just drive a nail home into any piece (or two) of wood. Then hold the nail to be blunted point up, head to head on the driven nail, and rap on the point with a hammer until the point is slightly flattened. The point, now flattened, will shear some of the wood fibers as it is driven instead of spreading them and splitting the wood.”
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          Thanks for the info. I didn't have time to answer last week. It is funny how little things get stuck in a guy's head. Thanks again,Rick