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    Have just received and assembled the Grizzly 1029 (2hp) single stage dust collector. Now the hard part -- building the dust collection duct work. Looking at PSI's catalogue, I see I can save a couple of bucks by going for the 26 metal duct pipe. And I believe the thickness is sufficient for the Grizzly to not overwhelm it. However, it seems that it might be a better investment to go for the spiral pipe that is 24 gauge. I've got to design a system to hook up a table saw, band saw, planer, jointer, drill press, router and a down draft sanding box and of course a floor sweep. Obvioulsly not all open to the sytem at once so a related wuestion is what is the recommendation for blast gates -- metal or plastic?

    Any ideas or suggestions?

    Also, since I'm hanging the duct pipe from the ceiling, how far down the wall -- roughly nine feet-- should I go with the metal before switching over to the flexible plastic hose? Somewhere I read that it is a good practice to keep the run of 4" plastic hose to a minimum that is from the end of the metal pipe to the machine.

    Loooking for help -- thanks!!!

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    i used 4 inch schedule 40 PVC pipe for my dust collection piping. It is alot less expensive, and does a gret job. As far as static electricity problems, i have had none, but copper grounding wire could solve that. Also use long radius elbows in any turns, machines like a planer will clog up a regular elbow quick. Whatever you choose, make sure to have enough flexible pipe to get to your machine, and then a little extra if you need to move it. Good luck with your piping.