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Router table extension for 3650

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  • Router table extension for 3650

    I keep hearing about a router table extension for the 3650, can someone tell me where I might look to buy this? I have looked in HD but they don't carry this. Thanks

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    I just read what BadgerDave said to search for so no reply is needed. Thanks all


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      Hey, I just read another note here that refers to a site called ''.

      You might try that.

      Take care.



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        Bench dog cast iron router table

        Right now I am saving up for a bench dog cast iron router table which I intend to bolt on level to the end of my original extension wing rather than replacing it with the bench dog table3650, the router table will be supported by a couple of steel tubes with a nut welded into the lower end to accept a leveling foot, if I can't drill and tap a hole on the underside of the router table to accept a set screw which will be welded onto the upper end of each tube then I will have a couple of nuts welded on to the underside of the router table to accept the support legs, the router table is exactly the same width as the table say table and has pre derilled hols to securely support the guides and do away with the extension bar Ridgid supply with the 3650, all in all its a smaller foot print and gives me more potential to support wider stock when ripping. Any one else went down this road : You can check this extension option out with the following link;


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          I was also looking into doing something similar to what DHead mentioned, but rather than have legs that go to the floor I had thought about creating supports that go down at an angle and mount to the TS legs so it will still be easily movable in my garage. Thoughts???
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            T3650 Router Table extension

            WW, been thinking about this, supporting the extended router table by bracing to the 3650 table legs, may not be a great idea, #1 the angle at which the braces will run will deliver huge forces to the sheet steel legs on the TS if any downward pressure is applied to the router table, this force could deform the legs of the table saw, and result in a drop or crack in the cast iron tables of both the router and 3650; disaster. Not worth the risk. On another note, using the 3 holes on the outer edge of the bench dog router table side to bolt on a steel angle iron strip in a reversed "L" configuration, #1 to eliminate the need to weld on the cast iron and# 2 provide an easy on off mechanical attachment to securely hold the router extension support legs and with a swivel castor (height adjustable on the bottom) you have the mobility coupled with the inherent strength to support. Once I make this post, I will send you a sketch of the support system, if anyone else is interested in the design concept and wants a drawing in PDF let me have your email address and I will send a copy onto you. Hope this helps WW. you can reach me at


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              Why not just post the PDF as an attachment to your message? That way people can download it and view it right along with the thread.
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                Up load file size is over 97.7kb

                Yesterday I tried to attach the file its 215 kb and was deemed to large to upload, thats wy I offered to email it to anyone who wanted it at their request. sorry but I tried.


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                  Sketch now posted

                  Finally figured out how to compress the file enough to post it here, to do this and keep it in color I had to drop the resolution a lot, so the quality of the image is not what it was when I started. After this weekend I will not be sending anymore out by email, hope everyone who wants to see it can open it and that it may be of some benifit.
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                    I was just in Sears they have a Router Table that it says fits most 27" table saws. they had them on sale for $99.00. I plan to go back and look at it better when the good guy is ther and lets me take stuff out of the box annd look at it with out having to purchase it first.
                    Have a great day unless you've made other plans.


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                      I'll bet for less than $99 you could build a better router table insert for your TS than Sears has for sale. If you watch their close out and reduced price area sometimes you can pickup some good deals. Once stuff makes it to this area it stays and the price continues to go down until sold. Their pricing code (from what I have been able to figure out) appears to be that a price that ends in 7 cents ($x.x7) is at rock bottom and will not go lower, but that is a guess on my part.

                      Anyway, there are some nice plans available from the various wood magazines or wherever. For $99 you can buy the material and build a very nice table, and still have enough left over for a tool (always a plus!).

                      Remember the #1 rule of tools; Every job requires at least one new tool.

                      Well #2 really, #1 is as Norm says: Don't forget your safety glasses.
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                        Gonna build my own

                        I recently bought the plans for this one. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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                          I bought one of those Craftsman router tables on ebay (paid alot less than $99) and put it on the right side of my 3650. I know that it is not ideal, but I am happy with well enough for me. I have used it several times now with success. At a minimum, it gives me more work surface on the 3650!



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                            I don't see anything wrong with mounting a router table insert to the right of the right hand wing on a 3650, I did it on mine w/o a problem. I DO think hanging a BenchDog CI router wing out there in addition to the stock CI wing is putting a lot of weight on the rails. Braced or not it has to raise the center of gravity of the TS as a whole. Add a router and a fairly heavy piece of wood plus some down pressure when routing and you could be mistaken for a TS tipping contestant

                            Some people have proposed adding one or more legs to their TS that drop down to the floor from the outside edge of the router table. Being as this is roughly 24 or more inches from the TS Herc-U-Lift casters if your floor is uneven I wonder how much flex it would take to bend those fence rails or worse break or crack a CI wing? That's one reason I choose to brace mine to the TS legs as low as I could stand them w/o having to worry about a trip hazard. I added some additional bracing to the TS Legs too.
                            "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006