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  • hill billy dust collection

    OK, here is my problem. I only have 15 amps in my garage. What I plan on trying is using the power in the garage for my tools (only 1 at a time of course) and for DC I plan on plugging my leaf blower/mulcher in the outside outlet of the house and setting it up in the vac mode and connecting the hose to the tool being used. It has a fabric bag for the mulch, which will let a lot of the fine wood dust through, but get the big chips. I can set the blower out side the garage, so the fine dust shouldn't be an issue.

    Any ideas on if it will work or not? I';m open to suggestions

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    Saw a picture where a guy did just that----probably not great, but what the heck---one thing for sure, your neighbors are gonna love you.


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      If you blow 500 cfm or more outside, then where will the replacement 500 cfm come from? Be sure it isn't from a furnace or water heater fire box, down the chimney, with carbon monoxide and all that good stuff. And in the winter, your makeup air will be what temperature?


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        My shop is in a detached garage, with a ridge vent and perforatd sofffet vents. The fresh air coming in will be COLD! [img]tongue.gif[/img]

        I have a 100k BTU torpedo heater for 1 22x22 garage, so heat isn't an issue. need to get a propane torpedo heater though, the kerosene STINKS! But it was free, so I can't complain