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    Anyone know if any other riser blocks will fit in the Ridgid BS?? I heard that the HF may, but I am not sure. I am going to order a bunch of BS blades and would like to get the bigger ones right away so i am not buying something that I may not even use.

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    Mike---I feel your pain on this idiotic Ridgid riser block mess. But, don't forget, if looking for other substitutes, you also need an extension on the upper blade guard/block assembly too and that might be harder to match than the riser block.


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      I understand that the plastic guard may not match, but I would rather bend up some light guage sheet metal for that than pay an extra $$$ whatever for a Ridgid block that may or may not fit correctly. I still have not heard if anyone out there has gotten any blocks lately that actually fit the way they should.


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        Dave why is this a mess? Sorry I have to play catch up on this topic. Are they not available or over priced? Is the problem with gray Emerson or orange ITT or both.

        I am a gray Emerson owner.


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          I got the part number for the riser block and called the parts order line. I was infromed that that riser block from Ridgid would be $145.48 including shipping.

          Does anyone else find this insane???

          Geez, I think thye made the cost so high so that nobody would buy them and Ridgid wouldn't have to take care of any motor or bearing issues because of people tensioning 3/4 blades.

          Looks like I move that purchase of a Grizzly 17" saw higher on my priority list!

          OOHHHHHHH I'm just so


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            Mike I tried sending you a private message ref: riser block for gray Emerson 14" BS (Rejected).

            I think there are a couple on clearance ($35) at a local HD. Can I assist you.


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              I'm not sure why it didn't go through. I just looked in my profile and saw an unread message from 6 months ago, so that may be why.

              Anyway, if you could just let me know where the store is located, I just need to get a SKU from the store. Once I get a SKU#, I can have local HD's check other local stores, or have them order it in.

              Thanks for the reply!


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                Mike, I believe we have traded messages before on Woodnet. As I recall you wanted to wait. Nonetheless I will send you the sku.

                PS, I tried again to send you a private message and it was returned.

                [ 09-20-2004, 01:35 PM: Message edited by: Van ]


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                  Home Depot
                  10 Gateway Boulevard
                  Patchogue, NY 11782

                  Sku 648846000596 Riser Block $35.00 clearance

                  Since your e-mail address doesn't work for me the only way I can communicate with you is in this forum.

                  I guess it's first come first served.


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                    Thanks for the info. I tried calling there to see if they still had them in stock. Called 5 times, asked for Hardware all 5 times and was never connected. Sat on Hold for 5 minutes at minimum each time only to be told that there is nobody answering in hardware. The corporate office will hear of that.

                    anyway. after I had calmed down, I decided not to even bother with the Ridgid bandsaw anymore. I am just going to order 93 1/2" blades and resaw stuff that is only 6" wide. I'll save that $50 for the Grizzly I want to get. With any luck, I'll be selling my Ridgid by Christmas time, or at least in time to avoid any price increases by Grizzly.


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                      Sorry to hear that. HD should do a better job of getting the money out of your pocket. That is the objective, right?


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                        I called from Texas and suffered pretty much the same fate. One difference, I finally talked to some rude SOB who knew not of what I was seeking and by his tone didn't care. Notifying any corporate entity has never engendered any sort of response when I have tried. I only go there when I am forced to for whatever reason.


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                          I hate to say it but you will find that some things ade almost imposible to do on the phone. That includes anything at Lowes or home Depot.


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                            This may interest some of you!!!!

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