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    need some advice on how to square up a project that i am struggling with. to make a long story short i started it before i bought my ridgid table saw and jointer. i am building a set of speaker stands out of 1X3 poplar. I have one 1X3 board and i ripped another to be glued to the full board at a 90 degree angle. the problem is that i ripped the boards by hand and they are not accurate. a ran my hand planer over them to what i hoped would square them up but they are a bit off and i am having a hard time squaring the ends. how can i square it off when i only have two square sides and they are 180 degrees from each other?

    thanks for your time and if possible please respond to me directly as well at

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    This reply may be no help, i'm afraid.

    All I know is that it ain't easy without power tools. Some of the wood shop teachers made you do things first with hand tools, then after you could make square wood with them, they let you move on to the power equipment.

    I think a shooting board is in order. this is a device made from 2 pieces of lumber joined at right angles and the plane is mounted to them, you draw the wood to be planed across or along the device and, like a primitive jointer, your edge becomes square.

    Problem is... if you cant make two boards square to begin with.... how can you make the shooting board.?

    The only other thing I can suggest is the Neanderthal Woodworking boards. I don't know any links

    Sorry for the lack of help, but might get you steered in the right direction.



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      This may be too simplistic, but try using a good framing square (or other square) and marking the necessary lines and sanding to the lines. That should get you close enough to use your saw to get glueable edges. I may be all wet, but it is worth a try. HTH.
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