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  • childrens doll furniture

    one more dumb question.....and I promise it will be the last one until the next one...can someone tell me where I can find plans or ideas for doll furniture?...cant find very much surfing the web.....any directions you can lead me in will truly be appreciated....can even email me if you prefer at a bunch folks

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    I have not a clu either but, what size doll furniture or doll house furniture ??? Best I can do is find a plan that you like and scale down to the desired size. Nornal chair, cut by 2/3 should do ??? This is something that scrap wood, good math and patience should get you where you want to be. Good Luck dd


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      Goldwing.. I just went to Yahoo... Creative Woodwork Plans.. scroll down and I think that this will help... There are other links also.. I just took a quick look and I am impressed. By the way there isn't any dumb question unless you do not ask. Ouestions are a learnig tool...If you do not ask how else will someone bee able to assist you, keep asking and you will be surprised about what you will learn...dd


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        G. Wing: Cherry tree toys and Grizzly industrial sell plans, as does RocKler, also , check the back pages of almost any woodworking magazine. Dawg [img]smile.gif[/img]
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