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Octagon Picture Frame Questions

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  • Octagon Picture Frame Questions

    I want to try my hand at making an octagonal picture frame, but I need info on;
    1. the angle to set my compound miter saw(45 deg?)
    2. how to determine the length of each frame segment to frame a 20" sq picture.
    Are there formulas available to plug knowns into to get this info?

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    The formulas are basic trigonmetry. Assuming you want mitered corners (cut lines all point to the center), the size of an octagon across the flats will be the length of a side multiplied by (1 + square root of 2), i.e. length of side x 2.41421. So a 20" octagon would require 8.28427" sides. The angle would be 22.5 degrees, assuming the frame lays flat. Of course you can't frame a 20" square picture with a 20" octagon unless you are willing to cut off the corners. If you are bypassing corners, the angle would be 45 degrees, and the length of the sides depends on the width of the frame.