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    I would just like to share what I have learned... I had saved up and awaited the purchase of a new 4512 saw from home cheap for months. I finally got it home. DAMN heavy box by the way. Took like 2-3 hours to unbox and get to the point of fine tuning it. Unfortunately the BLADE was NOT parallel to the miter slot. I beat on it for a weekend. Got it close but no dice... So I did some research online. Apparently this is a VERY common flaw with the RIDGID 4512. So much so I found tons and hate filled articles online and many youtube videos.

    Many told me to take it back.. What a 300 pound saw that took me 3 hours to screw together. PLUS it is beautiful and wanted to make it work. So I stumbled across an video on YOUTUBE about the PAL system. THERE'S MY SALVATION. I little kit to were I can DIAL in the saw blade to the miter slot. I was available in 3 configurations ONE was for the RIDGID so I ordered that one.

    And it said right on the packaging FOR THE "RIDGID SAW" I will be damned!!!! the supplied BOLTS were too small. After a lot of trial and error at the hardware store the Factory grunion bolts are/were 10 mm 1-5... A hair bigger than the Trunion bolt adjustment PAL thing a ma gigs. SO I had to buy a 10mm drill bit... You try to find a 10mm drill bit in a small town... SO I drilled the PALs out and went to install them... NO DICE!!!! the aluminum "L" brackets would NOT fit over the grunions to where they could be used... NONE of the parts in the PAL system were going to work.

    EXCEPT the little allen adjustment bolts.

    I went out and bought some aluminum "L" stock. drilled a 10 mm hole in them, drilled a hole for the adjustment screws, TAPPED IT for the PAL supplied adjustment bolts! Got a couple of new longer Stainless 10mm 1-5 grunion bolts screwed them all together and WA LA "Riches own home made PAL system". IT worked like BUDDA "BUTTER"

    Next day I fired off some hate mail to in-lineindustries who mad the PAL thing.

    They said and I QUOTE, 'The new Ridgid/Sears table saw have 10mm trunion bolts and our PAL system will not work on the RIDGID saw" WOW Really nothing about that on their webpage, the packaging, or their website or their youtube videos. They also told me they have no intentions on making one for the newer Sears and Ridgid table saws.

    WOW really! 2 of the most popular table saws in the nation and you say there is no demand for them.

    Did IQs drop sharply in the past 6 months?

    I would suggest that anyone who has bought a newer RIDGID 4512 table saw or its counterpart SEARS. look at the PAL system... Figure out how to make your own and use them.....

    I have now idea HOW these flawed saws got out on the market with a blade that is not TRUE to the miter slot, but thats a fact.

    I would think those Chinese political Prisoners screwing these things together would have more pride in their work.....

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    I think that despite your trying to blame the Chinese, the metric system, PALS and RIDGID, your experience is fairly normal. Almost all table saws, jointers, band saws, etc. require some fine tuning after the fact in order for them to perform properly. Some adjustments are fairly easy and straight forward while others can be quite time consuming. I remember when I purchased my Ridgid TS3612 years ago it took me forever to get the blade guard/splitter assembly adjusted so that it operated properly. Take your time, follow the instructions in the Owners Manual and you should be able to have that saw purring in no time. Assembly is done at the factory, fine tuning is done in the shop.
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      A quick search on this site would have told you the same thing with a lot less aggravation. I was in the same boat 3 years ago and did the same thing as you did. I made mine own. I really couldn't blame another company for my problem as there is other ways to do the same job just not as easy.


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        My Delta unisaw was spot on when I assembled it.


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          One other little thing I noticed the other day. Something just didn't seem right. I used the same MIC i used to align the blade to the miter slot ON the fence. It slowly gains then about the area just past the blade area it droops off. Sort of like a Bump in the middle of the fence, but when I put a true flat edge on it it's flat as can be... Any thoughts


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            By the way I hope no one gets me wrong I love this saw. I used a Shopsmith mark five for years back in the day, and I love all the real estate on the table of this table saw