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    I have two questions and hope that someone can help. I am new to woodworking and a while back purchased my first table saw--an R4511. Over the past couple weeks, I noticed it was getting a bit more difficult to raise and lower the blade. Last Saturday, it wouldn't hardly move at all.

    First question: Any ideas what could be causing this?

    Second question: Can simply unscrew the top from the base and lift it off by the rails?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Try getting in and cleaning out the gears then try lubing them with a good quality dry lube. Plus while you're in there you can see if something is binding up.


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      Thanks, is it ok to lift the top off by the rails?


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        Not sure if I would take the top off to do that or not. Since I don't have that model I can't say for sure.can you access the area without taking the top off? If you really need to take the top off to do it will taking the rails off be that much harder.


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          Looking more at your saw I would not pick the top off by the rails for fear of cracking the granite.


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              If the cabinet is anything like the 4512, one side of the cabinet has a panel, held by four screws, that you can remove for under table access. Haven't seen a 4511 to compare, but thought that I'd add my 2ยข.



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                Just asking so don't take offense. Have you checked the locking nut on the height adjustment wheel. I have a habit of hitting it with my thumb when I turn it. If that's loose then do what Paarker said.


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                  Had this saw since it came out and as others have said it's a sawdust cleaning problem. The whole right side of the shroud on the right side opens up for access to the saw gears, etc. Also, unless absolutely necessary, don't mess with the top. You will probably get it out of alignment and if I remember correctly, it weighs about 252 lbs!
                  Big G

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                I have the same saw and have experienced the same problem. Take a tooth brush and clean out the gears as best you can. This will make a very notable difference. I have to do this every so often once it starts getting tight. It's just a build up of sawdust that needs removing.


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                  Lately I have been having a problem with my blade stopping/binding up. I keep my saw clean even using my air hose with a long tip to reach the hard to reach or see places. Cleaning did not solve it so just for the heck of it I took some router bearing oil (the kind in a tube with a needle) and put it on the two bearings on the arbor shaft. It loosened right up. I have noticed a fine metallic discharge from the bearing so I figure it is dry. I am in the middle of building a Maple crib for my first granddaughter so I can't take it in. Almost done with it and I will take it in to see if it is the bearings.