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Screws remained after the R4512 table saw assembly

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  • Screws remained after the R4512 table saw assembly


    After assembling the R4512, i remained with the bolts and nuts as shown in the image.
    Have I properly assembled ?
    Should these Extra screws need to remain ?

    I would like to hear from those who already assembled the R4512

    Thank you

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    I wouldn't worry about it it doesn't look like it'll hurt anything. I did have a big pile of screws and things left over after I got done the again I didn't add the fence and rails to mine.


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      Unfortunately the owners manual doesn't give a break down of the 2 different part bags "T and S".

      But you should have
      an itemized list of whats included in those kits and you can double check where they're used in the assembly. can you list the parts based on the description thats posted on the pack. We all know sheet metal screws, washers, nuts ect, but there should be a more descriptive part listing.

      also there is a sticky thread at the top of this forum that is written for the 4512 saw. you might find it in there.

      phoebe it is


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        I did read some where that those screws were intended for use with adding a side table or wing to the existing steel Wings. I built wings with 3/4 Baltic birch and then laminated them with with Formica they look very nice and are solid. I made a wood frame From Ashe and then placed two pieces of 3/4 BB inside of the frame I had to mortise out the plywood to make. Clearance for the bolts To the TS casting. I did this on both sides. I now have 36 inches of solid surface from the blade to the end of the saw. Of course I drilled new holes along the rear guide rail to bolt the wings to it.


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          The 6 screws and washers are used to add an extension table in the space to the right between the end of the steel extension table and the spreader bar. There are 3 pre-drilled holes in the steel extension table and 3 in the spreader bar for this purpose. When I screwed the screws in from the extension table side, my drill couldn't get up high enough to screw them in straight and as a result, I ended up not being able to level the extension table I made, with the steel extension table which came with the saw. To remedy this, I took the table back out and drilled 1/4" holes in both sides of the table and used slightly smaller bolts to secure it which left me some wiggle room to adjust it and get it level.

          The 2 extra nuts you have left over are lock nuts for the spreader bar. Each side should have 2 nuts.

          Hope this helps.