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Ts400-1 and dados

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  • Ts400-1 and dados

    I'm positive my table saw(ts400-1) is discontinued, so I'm having trouble finding info about this but...can I run an 8" dado on it? I read that I can only run a 6" but that doesn't sound right. Can anyone confirm this for me. Ps I know that my face plate would have to be remade to fit

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    I'd really hate to buy a eighty$ blade if it can't.


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      I'm assuming that your title to this thread is a type and the model number of your saw is TS2400-1. If that is the case then here is a link to the Owners Manual for that saw, . The information you seek can be found in the manual.
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        I have that saw, I bought a 6" dado stack as that's what is recommended in the owners manual.
        I have borrowed an 8" stack once when I needed the extra depth of cut. The saw is kinda under powered if your using a wide stack with 8" diameter and that's why they say use 6" so you don't over load the saw.


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          Most dados are less than 3/4" deep so no reason to use an 8" dado set and risk
          damaging your saw or worse an injury because the saw couldn't handle it.

          As long as your dado set cuts a square, flat-bottomed groove the diameter shouldn't
          matter unless you just need to be able to say "my dado is bigger than yours."
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            I bought a used 6" dado set just so that I could use it on my Ridgid jobsite saw. It worked flawlessly. As mentioned before, you do not need an 8" set for your saw, save some money. Trust us,