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  • My TS3650

    I thought I'd post some recent pictures of my table saw. Acquired it back in '07 and joined this forum soon after. Got all excited about doing BobD's extension but never posted any pics. Had it on hinges for many years but lately took those off and just use a french cleat to attach. Much easier to move around in the shop. Soon added a router extension from MLCS to it. Was never happy with the plastic plate and recently got their aluminum one and built the ShopNotes router lift to go with it. Anyways, hope it'll inspire others to add to the function of theirs.
    A special Thanks to BobD for all his inspiration!

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    Very nice setup you have there galerdude. It all looks very well done and functional. I especially like the dust chute under the saw.
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      Yeah, looks real good. I like your dust collection and also your DIY router lift, nice work.
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        I drew up some cad (dxf) plans for the dust chute. I could finalize some of the info and post if there would be any interest.


        • Bob D.
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          Nice, I made something similar but no plans. It's shaped much like yours, sloping toward the back. I also sealed up some of the openings under the table top to the cabinet. I was on the lookout for something to cover the opening for the back where the belt and motor mount exit but never came up with anything that I thought would work without being a PITA. I did see where someone had a fabric skirt-like cover with magnet strips in the edges of it that to the cabinet, but I had already sold my saw by then. I just looked to see if I had bookmarked it and tried to find it again using Google but no luck.