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    Does anyone have any suggestion or plans for a small wood waste paper bin. I'm in need of one or two and thought about making something rather than purchase a plastic one. I started trying to design one using CAD but ran out of time and thought it may easier to use an existing plan.

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    I made one but have no plans, and it hangs on the wall under a paper shredder not meant for normal trash.
    But basically it is nothing more than four sides of panel & frame construction much like a cabinet door. It's
    not a project you should need to draw up in CAD unless you're looking for the experience or enjoy using CAD
    or SketchUp. You should be able to put this together in your head and work from there after a very basic
    pencil sketch on a piece of scrap paper. I don't mean any disrespect by saying that, it's just I think this is
    fairly easy for someone of your abilities which is based on the knowledge you have shown in responses on
    this forum.

    Each corner post has two grooves in it on adjacent sides to accept the 1/4" plywood panels. Then the same
    for the bottom and a four rails around the top. It is slightly narrower at the bottom and sized for a standard
    13 gallon kitchen trash can liner. Where I live we have to separate shredded paper and can dispose of it in
    plastic bags. On the back side I made a French cleat in the back top rail and the matching piece is mounted
    on the wall. The bin hangs from this under what was a desktop paper shredder with a small bin of its own.

    I removed this drawer from the shredder and cut out the bottom of the bin so that the paper would fall out
    the bottom and into the collection bin I made that hangs under the shredder. It's been in place for about
    10 years now and still working. But the shredder is showing its age and will probably die before long. At that
    point I'll just take the shredder down and leave the bin there as a regular trash can. We have another, larger
    floor model shredder now so don't use this one much anymore. I guess its still there because I am too lazy to
    take it down. :-)
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      Now if you really want to design a waste bin with cad, have it printed on a 3d printer. $30.00 worth of filament for a $5.00 bin. And 10 hours later.

      phoebe it is


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        Thanks for your vote of confidence in me Bob

        Sure I can make something simple - just wondered if anyone had any unique ideas. I will probably do something using biscuit joinery. As far as CAD - for me that's pencil and paper now - once you learn to use it you can do things like 3D visualization and see what it is going to look like before making it better than a pencil and paper. I don't use CAD tools much but have made stuff and even had parts which I designed on CAD machined off the CAD files. I had some experience with Solidworks but currently I have Fusion 360 installed on my machine as well as OnShape (cloud CAD). But of these packages are now free for hobbyists and small businesses.