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R4512 Tablesaw Fence Alignment Issue

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  • R4512 Tablesaw Fence Alignment Issue

    Let me preface this with I'm a complete beginner to woodworking....

    I picked up a Ridgid 4512 saw a couple of weeks ago and just got around to assembling it this weekend, it's quite the upgrade from a $200 Delta portable saw! Everything has gone well, except for the fence. Out of the box, the fence would not sit on the rail. With the clamp open, the fence wasn't open enough to grab the back rail and push down into the front rail. Unfortunately, nothing in the manual that I saw) stated how to fix this, so I had to tinker with it. I eventually found that if I loosened the nut on the back of the fence, it opened the jaw, allowing me to fit the fence in the T-Channel in the front.

    However, no matter what I try, I can't seem to get consistent results with the fence, aligning it to the Mitre slot. I am using a Mag-Dro in the Mitre slot with a Digital Caliper. At this time, below are three arbitrary readings I took:

    .8500 Front
    .8480 Back

    .7880 Front
    .7895 Back

    .7970 Front
    .7880 Back

    So I'm anywhere from 0.0015 - 0.0090, and it looks like the back is tipped in to the blade consistently, which I believe is a bad thing, right? Shouldn't the back be, if anything, tipped away from the blade 0.0015 or so? Anyway, here's what I'm seeing....

    I can align the fence to the slot but the minute I clamp the fence down, it's shifting and kicks in toward the blade a bit. I messed with it for about an hour last night trying the following:

    Fence unclamped:

    Loosen the 4 fence bolts and do the major adjustment
    Use the nut on the back of the fence to add tension
    Ensure the rails are tight

    Other then thinking it's a bad fence since it came way off out of the box, is there anything I'm missing with the adjustments or alignments?

    Any help is appreciated! I'm itching to get this fired up and cut some lumber!

    Thank you in advance!

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    If your fence is aligned to the slot, try the adjustment referred to on page 35 of the manual that comes with the saw. It may be that the blade is slightly out of alignment. Mine was just a bit, and this fixed it.


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      Spot on answer prattm.


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        I received my new R4513 Ridgid table saw over the weekend, my old one TS2400 died, the motor went and they said they had none to fix it, so I got a new one from them. Well the blade was not square to the table, the blade guard was 1/32 low in the front and 1/16 down in the back.. the table saw mitre gauge was so wiggly in the slot it was ridiculous. So I called Ridgid and there sending me a new saw, delivered to my door step..