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Question on R4511 blade guard assembly

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  • Question on R4511 blade guard assembly


    I recently got a Ridgid R4511 off a guy that was moving back to Ohio and did not believe that the granite top would survive being bounced around from Arizona to Ohio. I found that while I have the blade guard cover (the plastic piece) I don;t have the item that attaches to the blade guard or table saw (the splitter, riviting knife, or pawls). I can't find Ridgid's blade guard assembly for sale anywhere due to being discontinued, but I did find that apparently the R4511 and Craftsman 22116 share the same parts. Looking at the pictures of the blade guard assembly for the Craftsman and it looks identical to the Ridgid, and I found that Sears has that blade guard assembly for sale, but the picture looks all wrong (I have attached them below). Can anyone confirm for me that this is the right item to order, or can anyone point me in the direction of at least getting the splitter, riviting knife, and pawls for this saw (either Ridgid or other brand)? Here is the link to the Craftsman one that linked me to the blade guard assembly, item number 25 -

    Any help is appreciated.


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    Sold my 4511 but here's a couple parts I had left over. Not sure if it helps you or not but just let me know if you want/need anything.


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      Even though that Sears guard in your picture doesn't match the original guard that came from Rigid (and Sears, for that matter), it does look like it will fit. The attachment point of the whole setup is the small hole at the bottom of the riving knife; the attachment in your sears photo looks identical to the Rigid mount. I bet it would fit.

      As another option, you can buy a much nicer system from A bit spendy, though.

      They make a setup specifically for the R4511 -- I have it on my saw and it works well.