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TS-3650 Rip Fence Assembly or Fence Lock Lever WANTED

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  • TS-3650 Rip Fence Assembly or Fence Lock Lever WANTED

    Hi all,

    My kids knocked my fence off the saw this weekend and the Fence Lock Lever broke. Doh!!! And apparently these parts are no longer available.... Double Doh!! Does anybody have either the lock lever or the whole fence they want to sell? Or, any ideas beside the online parts webpages where I could find one?

    Many thanks!!!!

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    How many pieces is the broken part. Maybe you can epoxy it together
    and have someone scan it and make a new one with a 3D printer.

    There are places online that will do one off jobs like this.

    Well, that was easy, found it in less than a minute.

    There is a link on the page to print a copy from one of three sources.

    I would think about using ABS over PLA material. I think it will be stronger.

    I've never used this service and have no idea how strong this printed
    part will be in relation to the original part but it might be worth a try
    if the price is not too far out of line.

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      never would have thought of that, great idea.


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        Fwiw I got one of these and it worked fine.
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