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R4517 Dado Throat Plate

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  • R4517 Dado Throat Plate

    I purchased an R4517 table saw and need to make some dado cuts. I've been looking for a dado throat plate insert but can't seem to find one. I contacted Ridgid and was referred to an online retailer. They don't have any in stock. Does anyone know where I can find one? Are there any plates from other models or other manufacturers that would fit?

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      Thanks BadgerDave. I checked that but its also out of stock.


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        If your out of options try Amazon but you might have to get the next closest model number and try it for size. You might end up buying a standard throat plate and enlarge it to accommodate the stack. A pain no doubt but it does appear you have few options.

        If all else fails you could try making one. There are numerous instructional YouTube videos on how some have made a zero clearance throat plate and the aproach should be similar for a dado stack.

        It's said that zero clearance throat plates improve the performance, reduce smaller peices from falling in and help control sawdust. Perhaps making your own throat plate for a dado stack would be superior to an OEM part.
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          Thanks for the suggestions Mightyservant.


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            I ordered a dado plate for this saw last month. I called the online retailer when the order status didn't change, and was told that they won't be back in stock until early June. They said that was the timeline they were given by Ridgid.


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              Maybe they wait until they get enough requests then make them out of rocks.

              June is just around the corner and you can get rolling.

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            Hey all!

            I recently purchased an R45171 table saw, and grabbed a dado throat plate (#089037006914) from (via Amazon). Unfortunately, I put in a dado stack, and can't even get the throat plate orifice to line up. The opening seems way to close to the left side of the plate. Am I doing something wrong, or did I simply get the wrong part?
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              You have a have you-Tube videos in mass for instructions.
              You have a saw for wood make a Dado insert....
              Make a zero clearance insert.

              Buy a regular replacement saw insert for your model if not obsolete and then use the dado blade to enlarge the slot.

              This is basic woodworking stuff not rocket science.

              I made my own insert for my Delta saw a 1 hour project and I painted it red to ensure I keep my fingers.

              Check out Rockler, Eagle America and other wood working establishments..keep in mind though
              they typically make insert blanks but for the larger 10" type contractor/table saws.
              You buy the blank, you install it, you secure it, you slowly raise the blade [dado or thin kerf] and
              cut the opening....It's not magic....just be safe!!!!!

              Cactus Man


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                If I remember correctly, the throat plate for this saw is just a piece of sheet steel, with a couple of finger holes. When I had one, I couldn't figure out a safe way to make my own. I found a dado insert online and bought it. I really wanted to make my own but never figured out how. The thin metal plate that was included with the saw flexed when making narrow rip cuts, this was the main reason that I got rid of the saw. It was a great saw except for the poor design of the throat plate.