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Removing nails from salvage lumber? tool review on nail removers,

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  • Mightyservant
    Pretty great tool and if your a form carpenter or laborer it's perfect for removing nails from concrete forms. Better that trying to pound them out.

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  • Removing nails from salvage lumber? tool review on nail removers,

    I acquired some salvage lumber from the land fill, I went down and pulled out a bunch of 2x10, and 2x12's from some old barns the hog farms tore down, (yes they smell), been told one can clorox it off,

    any way these were trusses that chopped up in about 10 to 20 foot long sections, lots of 8d nails where they had had the puritans nailed in,

    got looking and found a air tool that works like a nail gun to push the nails back out, there is a hollow nose one slips over the nail and straighten it and pull the trigger and will back it out at least 3/4" below the surface of the lumber, (many still have to pulled from the other side, but the nail as moved and head exposed,) on 3/4 it just shoots them out,

    I saw thee brands on amazon, ranging form about $50 to $300, all look like the saem idea, all looked imported, I ordered the $50 unit, called the air locker ap700, and a extra driver,

    I have only done about 10 boards so far, I hope it holds up but so far, at this point I would buy it again,

    it is about the size of a brad nailer, and I also ordered a crescent made nail puller,,

    and it works better than a hammer in this situation, as I can grip the rusted nails and pull at the base of the nail, using the hammer some of the heads would pop off the nail leaving the shank,

    this lumber is nasty with nails, 3 to 4 nails from one side and about 8 toe nailed in from the other side, with a ribbon of 1x2 that they sat on, every two foot,

    my other option was to use a grinder and cut off wheel and a second grinder to grind the shanks to lumber surface, but I do like leaving the nails in the lumber,

    try to possibly get a picture of the lumber later, and post it,

    on videos they show the tools being used to drive the nails on through 3/4" like on a wood fence,

    I have two old crescent nail pullers my grandfather had, Crescent 56 Nail Puller and work reasonably well nice for salvaging lumber but this works good for my current need, there still made and can be bought on amazon,

    but if one is in to salvaging lumber and need to de nail lumber I think these two or three tools could be of value, to one,