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R86044B 18V compact router "zero reste"

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  • R86044B 18V compact router "zero reste"

    I recently purchased this compact router and really like it but I cannot figure out hoe to set the "zero depth" with the bit at actual zero depth. The manual says to hold the depth adjustment knob while rotating the zero reset function ring. I cannot get the depth adjustment ring and the zero rest function ring to turn independently. They both turn together. is my unit defective? Has anyone else tried to get this to work?

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    I refer you to your operating manual page 8
    and fig.11 page 13.
    If you do not have the manual you can go to the Home Depot website and
    pull up the router and download the manual.

    I have the corded and battery versions of this trim router and never had any issues
    once I became familiar with the adjustments!

    Cactus Man


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      Thank you Cactusman,
      Sorry it took so long to reply but I did not notice that I had a message. I have the manual and am familiar with the parts you referenced but on page 8 there is a NOTE.
      NOTE: To set the zero reset function to zero while the bit is at zero depth, hold the micro depth adjustment knob in place and rotate the zero reset function ring until it reads ?0?. If I hold the micro adjustment knob I cannot turn the zero reset function ring. On my router they do not turn independently.