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Rigid R4516 Tablesaw Riving Knife Setup

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  • Rigid R4516 Tablesaw Riving Knife Setup

    I am a novice wood worker. Received a R4516 as a gift. I am stuck with placing in spreader position (or ?up? position for all
    through cutting):

     Remove the throat plate.
     Raise the saw blade by turning the height/bevel adjustinghandwheel counterclockwise.

     Unlock the release lever by pulling it up.
     Grasp the spreader and pull up until the internal pins are engaged and the spreader is above the saw blade

    When I pulled the spreader up the whole assembly came out. There are no internal pins that engage into the two holes on spreader not sure if the unit is faulty or I am doing something wrong. Once I pull the knife up I am unable to lock the release lever down. Also when I install the antikick back plate it is marring surface of the saw. I called Rigid customer service and waited close to 2 hours but not much help there. An agent picked up the phone and put me back on hold. Would appreciate any help I can get from anyone on this forum.

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    Page 17 in the manual outlines this procedure. I think it's more of a 'feel' than an actual interlocking of the pins, that is until you put the level in the lock position, that's when the pins engage the spreader. On my Unisaw that's how it works. On the spreader there are two lines etched in the side of the spreader to help guide you to the correct position. Each line corresponds to the position of the spreader, one for through cuts and one for non through cuts. I just release the lock and slide to one position or the other, then engage the lock. I think once you've done it a couple times you'll get good at it. A slight learning curve.
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