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    Does anyone know where I can find an edge guide for a R2911? If they do not make them anymore does anyone have any suggestions on where to find or what you have used as guide rods to fit the R2911?

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    Have you tried ?
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      There is one on amazon right nor for under $50.

      Here's another for4 under $25.

      But I bet if you take some measurements of the C-C between the rods and the rod diameter you will find an edge guide from another brand will work.

      My edge guide for my PC router fits my Milwaukee router.

      Do some searching on the WWW and you'll find what you need.
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        I wish when you posted that you told us what a R2911 was, I would have answered sooner. I have a number of Ridgid tools but honestly I don't know ALL the model numbers and when I searched on the product web site for R2911, I got NO hits.

        So, it appears to be a router... is that correct.

        When I bought my Ridgid 2-base router back in 2005, Ridgid did not introduce any accessories, but I found that Porter-Cable guide bushings and their edge guide fit perfectly. I'm under the impression that they still do.



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          The R2911 is the base piece of the R2200 router.

          .Click image for larger version

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          "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006