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Help with R4511 tilt slipping

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  • Help with R4511 tilt slipping


    Looking for some advice on how to go about troubleshooting my R4511 table saw.

    Going from 90 degrees, if I try to tilt the blade past 30 degrees or so the teeth between the tilt gear and the tilt shaft slowly go out of alignment. The shaft deflects as the teeth come out of alignment, and once out of their groove the entire assembly slips and the weight of the motor cause the blade to slide all the way back to 20 degrees or so.

    I got the granite top off, but I'm not seeing anything I can adjust to pull things back into alignment. I am at a bit of a loss of what to do next. I can't use the saw for anything much past a 20 degree tilt out of worry that vibrations cause the teeth to shift and slip. The saw has largely been like this for years, but with the entire shelter in place orders I'm finally getting around to fixing some of my equipment.

    Thanks in advance.

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    This thread from lumberjocks might help.