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R4514T Dado throat Plate

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  • R4514T Dado throat Plate

    Has anyone come up with one or made one? I just got the saw, it up and running and would like to get a dado throat plate.

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    The part your looking for is # 089240028701 dado insert as listed in operators manual.

    A search of the internet for one yielded nothing , so I would call RIDGID power tools customer care 1-800-474-3443 and ask if they are available or are they still on back order ( they where when the saw was introduced ) .

    Let the Forum know how you made out it helps others in the same boat.


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      Make your own zero clearance/dado throat plate,
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        I had a Ridgid TS3650 for many years, and sold it recently. When the guy bought it, I gave him a 1/2 dozen blank insert plates that I made. They are are not hard to make, but it takes a few minutes to make them. Get enough material and batch out like 2 dozen. Then you will not need to make them again for a VERY long time.

        Use a material that is stable. I used laminate flooring off-cuts that were very close to the perfect thickness. I shimmed them up just slightly with a bit of blue tape. Avoid solid wood, as it can warp easily and can change size with seasonal humidity.

        Here is a good video. Make sure that you use HAND PADDLES when flush trimming.


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          I called Ridgid parts line today- May 15- and the customer rep said that the part was on back-order for two months! Literally July 15. So it looks like getting this directly won't be an option for a long time.

          Direct link to Ridgid's shop for the Dado Throat Plate.


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            Here's another site that has them listed but none available. BUT, the price is right at $2.99 each.
            It might be owrth signing up for a couple of these at that price. For ~$10 plus shipping you could have three of them whenever they show up. But might be worth the wait.

            Just a suggestion. I have never bought anything from this place but I know they've been around a while.

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              Thier now saying back ordered to Nov.


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                These can be found on Esty. Go to and search by model number there....


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                  This is an old thread, so I doubt the OP is still looking. The last time he visited this site was 4-26-20, the day he inquired about the dado insert.