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  • R4112 setup

    I just purchased the R4112 setup 10 inch miter saw. I can't get the bevel to work on the right. The motor gets in the way. I removed the sliding fence, but it still wont work. I called and they said it's a design flaw! I asked why they advertise it as a dual bevel saw and he said its not. Can this be true? Am I doing something wrong?

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    Question, did you read the manual? I looked at it online and it has a lot of info about how the saw is supposed to work. It also has many adjustment guidelines.


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      Yes I read the manual and searched all kinds of forums. I've discovered that it is actually a design flaw. The manual is wrong and so is the branding. It's not a true double bevel saw. If you adjust the fence as they say it still wont work. Some people on home depots website complained of the same issue and got the same answer from the support tech


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        Simple solution..RETURN IT !!!!
        Since this miter saw does not do what you want it to do!

        You have a 30 day no questions asked return policy....

        Then, look at a different miter saw and/or brand....

        I strongly suggest you consider a 12" miter saw has a large cutting range.
        You'll thank me later.

        Cactus Man