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Dialing in R4514

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  • Dialing in R4514

    Got my new R4514 a month and a half ago on a great deal at HD. Needed the portability because I have to work on the back patio. Just a projects around the house / for friends guy, for "fun" and "relaxation".

    I managed to build a new canopy bed for my daughter without too much trouble, but now I am trying to make some picture frames, and realized I didn't have the saw fully dialed in. While I understand most of the adjustments, all are still giving me various issues and was hoping someone could offer some insight / tips.

    Blade Bevel @ 0
    - It seems that when at 0 degrees, the motor assembly actually hits the bottom of the table, and stops it from going dead 0. I can kind of force it and then lock the bevel, but that's not ideal. Is this how its supposed to be?
    - Also, when at 0, I can only seem to get one side of the blade true. Is that a thing? Or is it more likely the table is not flat on both sides? Or is my technique wrong? (measuring with a good small square, table top to blade, not against a tooth)

    Heel Adjustment
    - Mine was slightly out, and I was able to getting it pretty close to parallel. But the Heel adjustment screw feels VERY loose, almost like its not threaded into anything. But it does move the back of the blade back and forth, so I guess its working? I assume its a cam mechanism, since if you continue to rotate it, it just oscillates back and forth. But it won't set it so its perfectly parallel. Is that normal?

    Rip Fence
    - I do not understand the rip fence adjustment process, nor can I get it parallel to the miter slot / blade. Other saws have two adjustment screws, that clearly move the back end of the fence to dial it in. This model however, you just seem to loosen the 5 screws, and then... what? The instructions are not clear. I have tried loosening the screws (not a lot) so I have play on the end of the fence, I align it with the miter slot, and then I have tried slowly tightening down the screws in various orders, but its never perfect once I am done. AT least now its just slightly out at the end, and away from the blade (maybe a 1/16"), as opposed to before then it was into the blade.
    - Also, when you lock down the fence, the back end shifts slightly (that's the misalignment). Is there an adjustment for that?

    Does anyone have experience with this saw? Have you been able to dial it in? The manual suggests that the adjustments I want / need to make, are valid. I get its not a nice cabinet saw with a cast top and super accurate fence, but I don't think its too much to ask for some basic straight cuts