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R4331 Planer Repair Question

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  • R4331 Planer Repair Question

    I was flipping my blades over in my planer ready to plane some wood for a chair I am building, and noticed one of the cutter head pins, used to locate the blade, had sheered off. I called Ridgid, who referred me to a local repair shop. The guy there said he doesn't work on planers, and is too busy, as it would take him 10-12 weeks to get around to looking at it. Does anyone know how to change the pins out? I have found them on line ($2/03 each), but no information on how to extract the remains of a pin or install a new one.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Personally, I would call Ridgid back and see what they recommend. I presume you are under warranty or the LSA and either way, your attempt to extract the pin may well violate the service agreement. I do think that if the local shop guy you called has an agreement to service Ridgid tools as an "authorized service center" then he should be giving you a priority over his regular work backlog.

    However, IF you have no LSA or warranty to be concerned with, the only way I know to extract a pin would be to partially drill into it enough to anchor the bit and then try to extract the pin that way. Is this a solid pin, or is it a roll-pin and is it sheared at the surface? If it's a roll-pin, then you might be able to anchor a drill bit or screw-extractor enough using a manual hand drill (similar to a tap wrap). If a solid pin, that would take some precision and may well be beyond your capability to drill out (no offense intended, it's more a matter of tooling, IMO). Do you have a local machine shop or know of a machinist?

    Solid locating-pins can be a bear, as they may well be hardened steel and/or heat treated on installation, or press fitted. I am surprised that one would shear off, and I think I would be concerned as how that happened? If you can't remove/repair it, then I would attempt to persuade Ridgid to replace the cutter head in its entirety IF you are under the warranty or LSA.

    Sorry I don't have an easy answer, but there are a number of members here who may well have experience with such challenges.

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      Thanks for the feedback. It should be under warranty, as that runs for 4 years from Oct. /18. The pin looks to be 1/16" in diameter or smaller, so drilling it out is probably very difficult. I need to take it apart again and see if there is any pin left in the hole. If not, I am in good shape. If there is, then I will contact Ridgid again and see if there are some other shops in the area, as well as rant about their proposed shop. A new cutter seems to run $120-180 US, plus probably $24 for the pins. Upgrading to a helical cutter would run substantially more, but may be worth some consideration if I have to lay out funds.


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        That was going to be my suggestion, consider upgrading to a helical cutter that you install yourself. Cost is more up front but you don't have to wait 3 months to get you tool back and you get a better performing machine in the end. Does installing a helical cutter void warranty? I don't know that would be something to consider.

        Regarding the sheared pin. Take a close look and see if the hole isn't drilled all the way through already. There is a good possibility it is. If so you could drive the broken pin out from the back side with a small (very) drift pin or some other pin slightly smaller that will not get jammed in the hole. If no existing hole you might consider drilling you own hole on the back side but this might weaken the shaft.
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          Thanks for the feedback. The pins are 1/8" diameter with a knurled end set in the hole. They are drilled through, as Bob D. suggested. I tried driving it out with a hammer and allen key as a pin, since I don't have a drift pin that small. It would not budge, and I suspect needs to be pressed out, or hit with a lot more force than I could manage with it in the machine. Off to contact Ridgid again tomorrow.