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    Can anyone help with me a question. I have a Ridgid TS2424 and was looking for the discussion and instructions on moving the rails to a 12/36 set up. Found posts but when I click on it there is nothing there. Thanks.

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    Hello, must have been an old thread. about 10 years ago when they upgraded the forum software and server they lost a bunch of images and some stuff got corrupted.

    I am not familiar with the TS2424 enough to know how the rails are mounted but I know there is at least one member who does have that saw and can probably help. Maybe he will chime in when he sees this thread.
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      Pretty sure all you need to do is move your existing rails over to the right. You might have to drill a hole or two to ensure all the mounting holes line up. You will of course lose the use of the rails and fence on the left hand side of the blade but that certainly isn't a deal killer. You might also have to jerry rig some sort of stiffener between the front and rear rail on the far RH side of the rail system.
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