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New TS 3650 - need info on accessories

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  • New TS 3650 - need info on accessories

    Hey all - just bought a used TS3650 - one owner who took care of it well and everything is in good shape. Wanted to see recommendations on a couple of things:

    1. Zero clearance insert - saw an older post and tried to follow links there, but they were all broken. Would the ones on Etsy/Walmart/Amazon work?

    2. Splitter or Riving knife - can I get an aftermarket one? As far as I can tell, this one has neither.

    3. Router table extension - any recs would be appreciated.

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    For zero clearance inserts, take a look at the Model 949 at Peachtree,

    The Shark Guard splitter system, , receives favorable reviews from those who own one. A little on the pricey side.

    As far as a router table extension goes, I would just make your own. It's far more economical to do that than it is to buy something.
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