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Rip Fence levers - are they interchangeable?

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  • Rip Fence levers - are they interchangeable?

    I've just got an older T3660 and it came with a broken locking lever. I had one 3D printed by a local guy but that didn't hold up. I was looking at the lever set up on a new R4520 saw at HD and they look VERY similar.
    Has anyone tried to use a newer lever on an older sawed?

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    Sorry the printed part did not work. I don't know the differences between the
    various materials used in 3D printers but I know some are much stronger than

    Nylon and Alumide are two I have heard of and are a couple of the strongest.
    Your 3D print friend may not have used either of these because he didn't have
    any or they are not compatible with his printer..

    More info on materials can be found here. I don't know anything about this place
    it's just one I found online with a description of the various material types.

    And it is possible to print with metal, but that is a completely different printer.
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      Can you take your old fence to Home Depot and physically look at the newer fence to compare?
      If it will fit then you may be able to order the part.

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        There are several on ebay. They state that they are not 3D printed. Worth a try ridgid ts3660 fence lever | eBay


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          Nice find. Let's hope minidb and whoever needs one gets one before they're all gone. Looks like he only has a couple left.