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Which is Your Go To Measuring Tool; Rule or Tape Measure ?

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  • Which is Your Go To Measuring Tool; Rule or Tape Measure ?

    I guess I'm old school when it comes to my default measuring tool, I reach for a folding rule 8 times out of ten if the measurement will be less than 6 feet.
    I've remarked more than once over the years that I prefer Lufkin inside reading rules.

    Probably a carry over from on the job where I felt 'out of uniform' if I didn't have a folding rule in my pocket. I carried a 25 foot tape too, but most measurements I would use the rule if I was looking at something ~6 feet or less.

    I have a Milwaukee non-conductive rule for use around energized equipment. It has no exposed metal parts. I think it's made from fiberglass but not sure. Doesn't get much use as I don't play around or inside energized electrical cabinets much.

    So now when I go in the shop I always stick that folding rule in my pocket. Half the time I forget about it and it makes it into the house with me (which is how this post came to be). I think 95% of the measurements I make in the shop are less than 6 feet. It's just goes with the territory. What I am doing there is of a scale that doesn't need a 25 or 30 foot tape measure. I have a couple tapes in the shop. Both are older Stanley PowerLock? tapes in 16 and 25 foot lengths. Of the two the 16 footer gets used more often.

    I also have a 1/4" x 10' Stanley PowerLock? pocket tape measure that I will grab when I'm heading out the door when I think I might need to measure something. I keep a 25 foot tape in the truck but this little one goes with me into Lowes, HD, or wherever.

    I have a drawer full of other measuring tools, but the 6 foot folding rule is my first choice. If the scale of the job is less than 18 inches I might go to a steel rule or when setting up a saw for a cut I will use a steel rule or when I need to be dead on with the measurements. But if it's rough work the folding rule is my first choice. Calipers, setup blocks, micrometers, I use all those too when appropriate.

    So just curious which one you reach for first; tape or rule; or do you even use both. You can check both boxes if you do and comment on why.
    Tape Measure
    Folding Rule
    Something else (explain in your comments)
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    I spent decades on the drawing board, so have a variety of measuring 'rulers', some stainless and others wood and plastic combinations with engraved markings. They're great for smaller, precise measurements and for longer (up to four foot), I have both wood, aluminum, and stainless measures. For general carpentry and around the house, I have a variety of tape measures and of course for small precision measurements I use a vernier caliper, which I've had since my early days as a mechanical inspector (way back in 1964).

    So for me, it depends on what I'm doing. In the shop my 'rulers' are first at hand to double check my saw settings. I have a steel tape setup on my RAS and on the table saw there is the fence markings, both of which I double check before and during their use.

    My Dad always had a folding rule (a Lufkin IIRC) and that along with a steel tape was his two primary measuring devices. He much preferred the folding rule.

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    • Bob D.
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      Why do you put the word rulers in single quotes?

      I understand one of the definitions of the word ruler is a measuring device, as is the word rule. But the single quotes I don't get.

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    You have no idea as to how lucky I am as my nose is not 12 inches long.
    If my nose would be 12 inches long it would be a foot!

    I use a folding rule which was actually hard to find and a tape measure. sometimes
    I even use one of those lase type measuring devices

    Cactus Man


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      LOL, same goes for other parts. :-)
      "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" ? Bob D. 2006
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