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Ridgid JP06101 Jointer

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  • Ridgid JP06101 Jointer

    As many of you know, the JP06101 Jointer is now discontinued. Many parts are no longer fact, Ridgid has labeled the Belt as "Obsolete". While some parts are available from Third Party Vendors, allot are not. eReplacementParts for instance has no stock on the belt and cannot obtain any. Other sites lists bolts, nuts, washers, etc., as no longer being available. Three years from now only God Himself knows will not be available. What infuriates me is that Home Depot is still selling this for $799.00 and makes NO mention that it is a discontinued item. I have not and do not purchase discontinued product due to part supply issues down the road. I purchased mine in June, 2021.

    Don't even get me going on their LSA. I called one place and asked if they were a Service Center as listed on Ridgid's website. He said yes. I wanted to drop the unit off for a blade replacement but was informed he had never done that before. Wonderful.

    In any event, does anyone know when Ridgid discontinued the JP06101 Jointer?

    Many thanks,