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Bushing set compatible Baseplate for R2901 on a R2911 base -- where to find

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  • Bushing set compatible Baseplate for R2901 on a R2911 base -- where to find

    I have a Ridgid R2911 base and need a guide bushing router plate that I can use when I do woodwork. Anyone have any suggestions where I can get one? I've looked at Rockler and other places, but can't seem to find what I need.

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    I'm not sure how much help this will be, but I have the original R2903, two-base router which I purchased somewhere between 2003-2005. At that time, the router consisted of the motor assembly, a fixed base, and a plunge base, with associated parts and a carry/storage bag. I can't remember which was which, but at that time one of the two bases was made to accept guide bushings, which I purchased from Lee-Valley (

    (I just noticed that they are also offering base plates, so you might give them a call and see if they know what fits a Ridgid router. I have no affiliation other than being an occasional customer, but they have been quite helpful to me in the past.)

    The two part numbers that I have from the Ridgid repair sheet (parts list) are 513879001 (plunge base) and 513087001 (fixed base). I don't know if these are still available from Ridgid parts or elsewhere, but they at least give you some additional information.

    When I first bought the router combo, I had difficulty in finding certain accessories like the the edge guide and the guide bushings. But I found that there was some similarities of these accessories with Porter-Cable, so that might be a path for your search.

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      Thank you, this is a great start. I'll let this forum know how this works out.

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    Guide bushings should be pretty much universal. I believe PC brought them out first decades ago. Sometimes you will hear them referred to as Porter-Cable Guide Bushings even if they are another make.

    It shouldn't be too difficult as CWS pointed out to find an aftermarket universal base plate that fits the RIDGID and many other make routers.

    Look at Rockler, Woodcraft, in addition to Lee Valley and dozens of others like PowerTec, MLCS Woodworking, Highland Hardware, Peachtree USA.
    And no doubt Amazon and eBay are bound to have something too.

    Search on 'universal router base'.

    They're out there, I found them in less than 5 minutes. You'll have to pick out the one you like.
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