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4512 blade alignment

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  • 4512 blade alignment

    I've been trying to align my blade to the miter slot on the right side. It's not working.

    I've had my 4512 about 9-10 years and mainly made hobby stuff - not real precision cuts needed. Now I'm retired, and I'm going to get more serious. I bought a walnut log and had it milled, dried it for a year in my shop, and now it's ready for squaring into S3S.

    I'm also getting more serious about my equipment, so wanted to get everything really square. I'm working on the 4512 blade. I raised it to it's max height, and using my image digiline I measured being out by 16 thou front to back. So working from the back, I loosened the three trunions (two at the back and one at the front) and tapped the blade housing within 1 thou, then when I tightened the trunions the blade went back to 16 thou out. So I loosened them again, got the blade aligned, then really tightened the front trunion before tightening the back trunions. I worked the left then the right and went really slow, and measured each 1/2 turn, and the more I tightened the more the blade started moving back to being out of alignment.

    I have a theory. Perhaps the trunions are tightening into an indentation where they used to be before I moved them, and they are just seating back into their original spots. Any thoughts or techniques I can use to get this aligned? Thanks in advance.

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    Can you put a shim in behind the trunions to stop them moving when you tighten them up?

    Any chance you could loosen the top and move it to line up with the blade?


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      Well, I tried loosening the trunions so I could move the housing and the back left trunion came out, and the motor dropped about 1/8" on that section. So I tried to tighten the back right trunion to lift the motor, and then the whole back of the motor popped out of the back bracket. Then I tried to lift it back into place and the front of the motor popped out of the front bracket and the whole thing fell till it wedged cockeyed within the cabinet. Another 1/2 inch and a finger would have been severed by the motor landing on the stretcher across the back of the open cabinet. Whew. I'm getting rid of this thing.